Pastor Zack Ditmar

Senior Pastor

Hello! I am Pastor Zack and I have been the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Trenton since 2012. I was the interim Pastor for one year and then the church voted me into their pulpit in 2013, May 5th to be exact! It is my desire to present the Word of God to each person so they will receive the incorruptible seed, have it planted in the fertile soil of their hearts and bear fruit in God’s kingdom! I pray you will be able to be a part of our ministry. We are reaching the world from Trenton, Georgia, USA.

Lynda Ditmar

My husband is the pastor, if that wasn't already obvious. I do whatever I can to help him in his work to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. We are a small congregation but I like it. We get to know each other, we pray for each other and support each other. God has really moved in many lives through our little congregation at Liberty Baptist Trenton.

Mark White

Adult Sunday School Teacher

Mark has been with Liberty Baptist Church since 2015. He teaches the word of God to the adults in his Sunday School Class. Mark has been a follower of Jesus for many years and served the kingdom as a traveling preacher with the Methodist church. Mark also served God in the Gideons organization. His Sunday School classes are always full of great discussion and insights into God's Word!

Betty Avery

Founding Member

Betty has always wanted Liberty Baptist Trenton to be a place where people in need meet a God who saves! She has prayed for this ministry for many years and is still doing a lot of knee time.

Carl Towns

Worship & Song Leader

Carl, a great musician and singer with the Spirit of the Living God resting on him. He leads us with his worship songs right into the presence of God!