Pastor Zack Ditmar


I want to tell others about my Lord and my God. We have a God who is spirit and supernatural who moves in mighty and mysterious ways at times. God is also love! He moves in our lives and draws us to HIm because He loves us!

Lynda Ditmar

My husband is the pastor, if that wasn't already obvious. I do whatever I can to help him in his work to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. We are a small congregation but I like it. We get to know each other, we pray for each other and support each other. God has really moved in many lives through our little congregation at Liberty Baptist Trenton.

Betty Avery

Founding Member

I have always wanted Liberty Baptist Church Trenton to be a place where people in need meet a God who saves! I have prayed for this ministry for many years and I am still doing a lot of knee time.