Missions - Windows For Widows, Culebra Island Mission Team

1 - January - Missions Support Letter.docxLet's go to the Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico and reach out to people with the love of Christ and the Good News!  Jesus says He is the way!  Sometimes when we travel we need to get directions, look for road signs, landmarks or consult our GPS!  God has given us some specific directions in His Word and we want to share those directions to the people of Culebra Island!  

2- February Prayer Cards.docx Prayer is the most important component in a successful mission trip.  Prayer from other people who are in love with Jesus and want to see His Gospel spread into all the world.  Attached is a prayer card you can download and print so you can be in prayer for our team this year.  You don't have to be traveling with us to be part of the team!

The following documents are downloadable for team members to use to help in the preparation for the mission trip.  

3 - Send Him Packing flyer 2020.docx

4 - April Letter to Supoorters 2020.docx

5- missions book markers.docx

6- Missions book markers template.docx

7- Rent a Missionary.docx

9 - Thank You Card - Windows For Widows.docx