01 Jun

There are basically 3 types of people in our world. 

  • Those who are alive.
  • Those who are dead.
  • Those who are the walking dead.

 You understand what kind of people fit into the first category.  Those who have life in Jesus, those who have met Jesus and are born again!  They were pulled out of death and given new life!  They were born of water and the spirit!  

The second are those who have been introduced to Jesus but have rejected the gospel message. They are the ones who have heard the news about Jesus but dismissed it.  They are the dead, and they are in their graves.  There is no life in them. 

The third on this list are the people who have not heard about the good news of the Gospel.  They are walking along as if they are ok, but they are not able to see the death that is clinging to them.  The walking dead operate in spiritual ignorance concerning their state of existence because they have never heard about the love of God in Christ Jesus! 

As Pastor of Liberty Baptist ChurchTrenton my calling is to feed those who are alive with the bread that has come down from heaven.  Those who have eternal life are needing to eat eternal food.  

It is also part of my responsibilities to bury the dead and shake the dust off my feet.  If you have heard the gospel of Jesus and you have dismissed it.  If you are dead in your sins and that’s ok with you, I am not going to run after you for 20 years begging you to give your life to the Lord Jesus.  Salvation and the blood of Jesus is too valuable and precious to be a beggar for your soul.  

The third part of my responsibilities to the Kingdom of God is to seek the walking dead and tell them about the cure for their zombie-ism.  God has provided a way for life to be breathed into the walking dead and they will become the walking eternals.  The penalty for sin has been received by Jesus when He was on the cross.  That penalty was intended for me and for you.  Therefore, the salvation of God in Jesus is magnificently valuable! 

I hope you are one of the people who has received eternal life from Jesus and you are walking by the spirit! 

If not, don’t wait!  The day of salvation, for you, is today!  Today is the day of salvation!  Don’t wait!  Jesus told us that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except by Him!

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