03 Jul

I worked for a large trucking company a few years back.  I worked at their national headquarters and the corporate building was spacious.  It had a good many office employees, shop employees, and truck drivers in and out of the building each day.  In the building, on the first floor, was located many of the drivers’ services such as the driver’s company store, the driver’s tv lounge, the driver’s lounge, the break room with vending machines, the outbound dispatch office, and the company gym.  Also located on the first floor were all of the dispatchers and customer service employees, all of the shop employees and the whole recruiting department.  The first floor had a lot of activity going on during the day. 

There was a man who opened up a restaurant, a Chinese restaurant.  The food was good and he wanted to offer a delivery service to local residents.  The trucking company was part of his delivery area.  He came by one day and dropped off “to go menus” in all of the common areas at this trucking company and immediately he started receiving calls from the drivers and employees.  When delivering his food there he would take the to-go plates into the people who ordered from him. While coming back through the building people would stop him and ask if he had extra meals that he would sell.  It did not take him long before he was bringing delivery orders and two or three extra meals at each trip.  

Now “No Solicitation” signs were posted everywhere, and he probably would have lost his privilege to deliver if he actively sought customers, so to let people know he had extra food he came up with something very simple.  He would receive orders from individuals, bring them to the company, deliver the meals to the ones who ordered and then walk through the break room and driver’s areas saying loudly, “WHO ORDER CHINESE?  WHO ORDER CHINESE?”  Invariably his 2 or 3 extra meals would be gone and usually he would have orders to bring back with him the next time. 

This man was a fisherman.  He knew where the fish were located and he knew what equipment to use to catch the fish.  I believe this Chinese restaurateur was a “cast net” type of fishermen, similar to John and James and Peter in the bible. He would throw his net out and haul into the boat what ever he was able to capture in the net.  There are different types of fishermen.  There are rod and reel guys, fly fishermen, trolling fishermen, bait lines and dynamiters. 

What kind of fishermen are you?  If you were called by God and saved by the blood of Christ Jesus, then you are a “fisher of men”.  You are called to make disciples, you are called to tell others of Jesus and His love.  

It would not have surprised me if this Chinese man had told me he sold an extra dozen or so meals each day by taking these additional meals with him.  It would not surprise me if maybe it was even more.  

He was prepared!  If he didn’t bring the extra food with him then he wouldn’t have been able to sell it. 

Prepare yourself for your day.  If you work you get ready each day for the job you must perform.  If you are a child of God, you must prepare each day for the kingdom’s work!    

Purpose: This Chinese restaurant owner knew his purpose, it was to prepare and sell Chinese food.  What is your purpose in Christ? 

Prepare: This Chinese restaurant owner prepared each day to fulfill that purpose by cooking food to sell.  How can you prepare each day to fulfill your purpose? 

Plan: The Chinese restaurant owner planned to go out into the world with his meals.  Where are you planning to go each day where there are hungry and thirsty people for the truth? 

Persuasion: The Chinese restaurant owner was not ashamed of what he had to offer, he shouted it out in the halls and the sidewalks to persuade people.  Are you willing to tell everyone of the hope that is within you in Christ Jesus? 

The Chinese restaurant owner then delivered the food.  You can only give of what you have. You can only bring up in the bucket what is down in the well.  So, tell people what God is to you!  Tell them how you became a Christian! Tell others what is happening in your church life.  Let people know how you believe God can meet their needs!  Ask people if you can pray with them.  Ask people why they are sad, happy, or mean, and then tell them of the love that God has for the world.  Every moment in your life has the potential to be a supernatural moment with God but you must prepare yourself and then present Christ.  

I know it is difficult to go up to a stranger and start telling them about the Lord but what about the people you know?  Have you already evangelized all of your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, associates, business contacts, golf buddies, soccer moms, drive thru persons, bank tellers, or the local cop?  

You must make yourself available and start each day as if the day was on purpose!  Get up and thank God for another day to glorify Him.  Ask Him what He wants you to do today.  Then prepare and fulfil the day!

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